America and the world at large have always had several things in common and one of the top ones is the love for the alcoholic beverage, beer. However, more people around the world chose to change to drinking apple cider, what the Americans refer to as hard apple cider. We dive in to investigate what is so special about this sweet drink and how it compares to beer.

Cider has its origin from Britain long before they had the Norman invasion and since then has it taken the world by storm even though Britain remains the top cider-consuming nation to date.
In the United States, the cider drinkers waned when German lagers became popular and declined more after Prohibition; however, the stateside is seeing a recent increase in cider lovers. Regular festivals where large companies that has nothing to do with cider producing such as online gambling comparison website such as attend and host events at New York Cider Week, Pour the Core and more. Between 2011 and 2016, the growth of the cider market has risen by 65 percent. This exponential growth is prompting more people to find out what lies in its composition and what potential health benefits it holds.

Cider is popular even among staunch beer drinkers who cannot drink beer any longer due to the gluten content in beer, something that you do not find in cider. The fact that cider is uniquely different from beer in several ways such as flavor alone also contributes to its popularity. The composition of beer and hard cider differs dramatically and for that is the nutritional values very different. While beer are free of fruits and a composition of grains, barley, hops and yeas, cider consists of the superfood apples and yeast. On the other hand is beer higher in vitamin B and Protein than cider, as well as potassium.