The fruity, sweet and tangy nature of cider allows it to be used regularly in a variety of savoury and sweet recipes with outstanding effect. Especially gravies that often needs that boost or helping hand in bringing its flavours to justice. The fact that cider is in the middle of a deep, rich red wine and a tangy, light white wine makes it ideal for pork roasts especially a pork roast with cider gravy.

Cider gravy for pork roast

500 ml chicken stock

500 ml cider

25 g flour

25 g butter

Make the gravy by melting the butter and adding the flour while stirring over medium heat in a saucepan. Cook it for two minutes and whisk in the cider and chicken stock. Simmer for three minutes and serve with pork roast.


Normandy Fish Stew

500 G Mussels

Four fillets skin-on white fish

150 ml crème fraiche

100g button mushrooms halved

Two sliced leeks

Large knob of butter

400 ml cider

Make the stew by lacing cider and mussels in a large shallow pan on high heat for around 4 minutes. Tip mussels and cider into a bowl, catch the juices and mussels, and discard shells. Lace back on heat and sauté leeks in butter then add the mushrooms and mussels and cider liquid as well as crème fraiche. Cook until liquid is halved and add fish and lower heat further and cover with a lid for ten minutes.


Cider braised cabbage and leek pot

One large cabbage

Four leeks

300 ml dry cider

50 g butter

Heat a pan on low heat and without liquid, just the butter sweat the leeks for around five minutes until soft. Add the cabbage while stirring and add the cider. Cook the combination for a few minutes until cabbage is wilted and serve immediately.