Cider production is very popular in temperate regions even though Western European immigrants introduced it to Australia, Central and South America, Canada and United States. Theses immigrants came from Normandy, Brittany, Ireland, Britain, Basque territory of Spain and Wiesbaden. Even though styles, types and flavours differ from one country to the next, it remains a fact that cider is popular. It continues to be exceptionally popular with the top cider producing countries including:


France is currently the largest cider producing country in the world. It is a sparkling, light cider that they bottle in champagne styled bottles with French regulations insisting that either a mixture of pear and apple or fresh apples be used for cider making. The main cider producing regions in France is in Northern France, Brittany and Normandy.


Northern Spain and in particular the Basque region and Asturias regions are the main producing regions. Here they use complex flavours for their cider with a combination of green apples, honey, plum and vanilla. Sidra as it is locally known is bottled using conventional wine bottles.


The world’s third prominent cider producer is Britain with the largest being Herefordshire, Somerset and Devon. The large producers import concentrated apples juice but the majority use locally grown apples of very high quality. Here they use predominantly the traditional methods for production. Even though modern ciders are sparkling and clear, the British produce hard cider that they refer to as scrumpy, hat has a higher alcohol content, is cloudier and darker too.


In the USA, you find a larger variety of cider styles and one of the flourishing productions of America especially in Vermont, Oregon and New England. In USA, however cider is categorised differently in both fermented juice, hard cider and freshly expressed juice, called sweet cider.